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Infrastructure complete: Let the behind-pipe oil and gas flow!

Posted by Denise della Santina on Apr 2, 2013 12:45:00 PM

TAG geologist and geotechnical specialist Alexandra Johansen took a tour of Sidewinder and the newly completed Cheal oil and gas processing facility with a few other members of the team. We think you’ll agree, these shots are a far cry from the bare patch of land we shared back in August.

Great job to the team for their hard work freeing up our behind pipe oil and gas. But as ever, the work continues: Our engineers are busy tying the remaining wells into the plant, and over the next several weeks they’ll be fine tuning to make sure we get the flow optimized. 

Looking towards Rival #1, overview of the gas plant.

Overview of the gas plant looking towards Rival #1 on Cheal A-11: complete, and fully running right on time!

Shane Hamnett, Alex Johansen, Jack Doyle at gas plant

Shane Hamnett, Alex Johansen and Jack Doyle in the middle of the gas plant.

Vector meter skid at Cheal C site

The vector meter skid at the Cheal C site. It may not look like much but it was the last piece of work before we turned Cheal gas on to the sales line.

Pipeline inspection gaugues

Pig (pipeline inspection gauges) launchers to maintain the pipelines from C-to-A, A-to-C, and C-to-Vector, without having to interrupt the flow of hydrocarbons.

Sidewinder A-7HF

9 5/8" casing awaiting intermediate casing point on Sidewinder A-7HF. We normally run 8 1/2" casing, but this hole will be going to 4000m.

Cheal A-Site

Shane and Alex at the Cheal A-Site, with the Rival Rig #1 in the background for workover.

Gas-to-gas exchanger

Gas-to-gas exchanger with the de-ethanizer tower in the background, on a beautiful New Zealand fall day.

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Improvements are good for TAG Oil and the neighborhood

Posted by Denise della Santina on Sep 5, 2012 10:33:00 PM
We’ve added attenuators (mufflers) on top of the power units for Nova-1 No more flaring to dirt pits for TAG! This is one of our new "flare stacks" with built in containment

(Top) No more flaring to dirt pits for TAG! This is one of our new "flare stacks" with built in containment. Though commonplace in Canada, this is a first in New Zealand. Other New Zealand operators are very interested to see how these work, as are the regulatory bodies in New Zealand.

(Left) We’ve added attenuators (mufflers) on top of the power units for Nova-1. These cut the rig noise almost in half, appreciated by neighbors and our team alike.

Cheal Production Station flare, which will be sold once the infrastructure upgrade is finished.

Cheal Production Station flare, which will be sold once the infrastructure upgrade is finished.

enjoying the winter sunshine

Here’s Jesse, a Cheal operator, enjoying the winter sunshine as TAG tankers "fill'er up."

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Putting the Sidewinder Oil and Gas Facility through its paces

Posted by Denise della Santina on Oct 3, 2011 1:49:00 PM

In preparation for putting TAG’s Sidewinder Production Facility into operation, it’s getting put through its paces with final review and testing. It was a gray day in Taranaki but the “views” looked good to us.

Sidewinder Plant
An overview of the Sidewinder Plant from the north.
Sidewinder-1 wellhead
Sidewinder-1 wellhead with a tie-in to the Plant. The pipe comes out of wellhead, into the cellar, then heads underground about 20m to the plant site.
horizontal hydrocarbon tank
Our horizontal hydrocarbon tank receives free oil and stripped condensate from the gas stream, holding approximately 400 bbls that’s trucked out for sales.
Separator manifold system
The separator manifold system – she’s a thing of beauty – allows us to direct specific wells to either of our two inlet separators.
inlet-to-gas chromatograph
Somewhat less slick looking but no less important, this is our inlet-to-gas chromatograph.
Inlet Separator 1
Here are the guys running a final test on Inlet Separator #1. It’s looking good.
Inlet Separator 2
This is the backside of Inlet Separator #2.
TAG Oil's Drilling and Completion Manager Jack Doyle
TAG's Drilling and Completion Manager Jack Doyle inspects the meter skid piping.
low temperature knock-out skid
The low temperature knock-out skid lowers gas temperature to -2C, which causes all the entrained condensate to condense and fall out for sales. That insures we’re shipping dry gas.
TAG Oil's Facility Manager James Watchorn
TAG's Facility Manager James Watchorn inspects the J/T valve on the low temperature separator skid. Hey James, how about a smile for the camera?
Heat-to-heat transfer units
Heat-to-heat transfer units that warm the gas back up after we cool it to squeeze the condensate out. Gas must be warmed up before entering the pipeline to avoid hydrate freezing in the line.
James inspects the low temperature separator
James inspects the low temperature separator.
Coriolis meters, U-meters
These are the Coriolis meters (U-meters) that actually measure the out-flowing gas to sales.
Vector's gas chromatograph
This is Vector's gas chromatograph at our site. They maintain this piece of equipment to insure TAG is shipping "Spec Gas" into their pipeline.
meter skid
This is the meter skid - the cash register. It measures out-flowing gas with one last condensate stabilization tower to wring out the last bit of condensate that might be in the gas before TAG Oil ships it.
last check before shipping the gas
Last check before shipping gas: fill the pipeline up with water, pressure it up and make sure there are no leaks. There weren't!

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Sidewinder Production Facility nears completion

Posted by Denise della Santina on Sep 19, 2011 12:49:00 AM

Don't let the big hole in the ground fool you...we're very close to finishing work on our Sidewinder Oil and Gas Production Facility. We're looking ahead to production, and more exploratory drilling, as we put the final pieces into place and make the last of the connections.

vector riser 1
vector riser 2
vector riser 3
vector riser 4

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Construction update.

Posted by Kris Clark on Jun 30, 2011 12:05:00 AM

Piling and foundation work is well underway on the Sidewinder Production Facility. The separators, exchanger and coalescer are being built and tested in a shop in town, then we ship everything out to the site to weld it together. At the same time we’re building the 8” pipeline from the actual Sidewinder site about 3.3km’s away to tie into a major gas pipeline. When we attach the pipeline to the plant, we’ll be ready to produce.

TAG Oil pipeline TAG Oil pipeline in progress
We have a little more than 1700 m of our pipeline in the ground, and are on our way up the easy portion of the track to the Vector tie-in point.
TAG Oil Sidewinder Production Facility gas coalescer hydrotest in progress
The facility piling goes in, and in town, we run the gas coalescer hydrotest.

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The roster of analysts continues to grow…as does TAG’s pipeline.

Posted by Kris Clark on May 25, 2011 12:17:00 AM
TAG Oil pipeline

David Beddis of Cormark Securities Inc. is now following TAG Oil. The current list of analysts includes: Peter Nicol of GMP Securities, Bill Newman of Mackie Research Capital, and Kevin Shaw of Wellington West Capital Markets Inc.

While any opinions regarding TAG’s performance made by these analysts are theirs alone, we think the coverage is an indication of TAG Oil’s sound strategy borne out by recent drilling and discovery results.

Meanwhile, lots of welding along the roadside as our pipeline grows. Most of this should be buried within a couple days. The pipe with the big bends will be done after....

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TAG Sidewinder gas pipeline gets welded.

Posted by Denise della Santina on May 12, 2011 4:59:00 PM

And some more Sidewinder gas pipeline photos are in from the field, these showing some of the welding process. The drizzle shouldn't slow things down, as TAG works to link its gas discovery with the North Island's main high-capacity pipeline.

rsz 006 describe the image
describe the image  

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Laying track: the Sidewinder gas pipeline is underway.

Posted by Denise della Santina on May 9, 2011 2:51:00 PM

Here we are building, on a great fall day, the pipeline that will link gas from TAG's Sidewinder oil and gas discovery into the Taranaki Basin's main high-capacity pipeline. 

rsz 044

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