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Cheal A, B and C sites have new photos and new progress

Posted by Denise della Santina on Sep 25, 2012 11:07:00 AM

Cheal A is bustling, with more than 100 guys working at the site at present. We’ve poured the concrete foundations for the new Cheal gas processing plant, A-11 is nearing completion, and the final hook-ups on the new power fluid pump drives (we’re pretty excited about our Schlumberger Variable Speed Drive) will be running soon.   

Cheal-C is also being transformed, and rigs are now in place at Cheal B-5. Some photos are below, and we look forward to reporting the results of these new optimizations soon.

tag oil cheal a site 92512

TAG’s Cheal-A site neighbors go on about their business, unaffected by our oil and gas production. 

tag oil cheal c site 92512

TAG now lines all its pits for extra environmental protection. Here are the skimmer pits for rainwater run-off from the Cheal C-Site. 

tag oil ensign rig 92512

The Ensign Rig #6 is loaded up and heading over to Cheal-B5, having finished its work at Cheal C-4.

tag oil new gas plant alberta 92512

Pouring concrete foundations for TAG's new gas plant (which is being built in Alberta) at the Cheal A-Site.

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