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Great Sidewinder-2 test flow rates: ~1467 BOE per day.

Posted by Kris Clark on Jun 23, 2011 12:05:00 AM
TAG Oil Sidewinder 2 flow test

Another good looking test on Sidewinder 2. The 4-point Isochronal flow test achieved stabilized flow rates of 8.8 million cubic feet per day (~1467 BOE per day) with less than a 25% drawdown.

We encountered oil shows when we perforated the shallow Urenui Formation, but the interpreted pay zones are mainly from the Miocene-aged Mt. Messenger Formation. Drilled to 1,597 meters, we intersected the main Sidewinder discovery zone and four separate oil-and-gas charged zones of interest totaling 47 meters of net pay.

Though all four Sidewinder well flow tests have been excellent, this is the best so far. 


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