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We should be working over Cheal-B3 by tomorrow if not earlier.

Posted by Kris Clark on Sep 20, 2010 10:27:00 PM
The servicing rig
The Service rig chugging up our road as it makes its way onto TAG’s lease.
BH-1 Conductor and surface hole
The Cheal-BH-1 conductor and surface hole (250m), waiting for the NRG Rover to move on-site. Behind that you can see Cheal-B3 awaiting Ensign.
BJ-s boys
BJ's boys (Houston-based crew just arrived from Algeria) scoping out the Cheal-B site before moving in their gear.
Cheal-B site gates
Ensign 6 service rig arrives from Sidewinder, to the Cheal-B site gates.

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