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Another US-Based investment newsletter follows TAG Oil

Posted by Denise della Santina on Mar 9, 2014 6:30:00 PM

Bill Mathews, editor of the investment newsletter The Cheap Investor, featured TAG Oil in the March 2014 issue.

Citing TAG's excellent balance sheet, increasing revenues and earnings, and undervalued stock price, the editors, "believe TAG Oil has the potential to move at least 50 to 100% over the next year."

They also suggested that TAG list on the NASDAQ or NYSE MKT Exchange in addition to the Toronto Stock Exchange and OTC, for better exposure and a greater institutional following in the U.S.

Bill, we'll let you know if we take your advice! 

Screen Shot 2014 03 06 at 5.51.22 PMThe CHEAP Investor has a stellar track record of picking winning stocks. Their philosophy is based on hard work, researching hundreds of stocks in order to find the ones that are undervalued, and selling at a good low price. For the 56 months ending June 2013 (their last accounting), they've recommended 265 winning stocks out of 268 chosen, with average gains of 179%.

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