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Construction update.

Posted by Kris Clark on Jun 30, 2011 12:05:00 AM

Piling and foundation work is well underway on the Sidewinder Production Facility. The separators, exchanger and coalescer are being built and tested in a shop in town, then we ship everything out to the site to weld it together. At the same time we’re building the 8” pipeline from the actual Sidewinder site about 3.3km’s away to tie into a major gas pipeline. When we attach the pipeline to the plant, we’ll be ready to produce.

TAG Oil pipeline TAG Oil pipeline in progress
We have a little more than 1700 m of our pipeline in the ground, and are on our way up the easy portion of the track to the Vector tie-in point.
TAG Oil Sidewinder Production Facility gas coalescer hydrotest in progress
The facility piling goes in, and in town, we run the gas coalescer hydrotest.

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Great Sidewinder-2 test flow rates: ~1467 BOE per day.

Posted by Kris Clark on Jun 23, 2011 12:05:00 AM
TAG Oil Sidewinder 2 flow test

Another good looking test on Sidewinder 2. The 4-point Isochronal flow test achieved stabilized flow rates of 8.8 million cubic feet per day (~1467 BOE per day) with less than a 25% drawdown.

We encountered oil shows when we perforated the shallow Urenui Formation, but the interpreted pay zones are mainly from the Miocene-aged Mt. Messenger Formation. Drilled to 1,597 meters, we intersected the main Sidewinder discovery zone and four separate oil-and-gas charged zones of interest totaling 47 meters of net pay.

Though all four Sidewinder well flow tests have been excellent, this is the best so far. 


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Casey Research, LLC joins the list of analysts with an eye on TAG Oil.

Posted by Kris Clark on Jun 22, 2011 12:04:00 AM

Marin Katusa of Casey Research, LLC. is now among the analysts covering TAG Oil. www.caseyresearch.com  

Please see all the analysts with investment coverage on TAG Oil here.

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Sidewinder-4 discovery well...good flow test.

Posted by Kris Clark on Jun 9, 2011 12:05:00 AM

We drilled Sidewinder-4 exploration well (the Sidewinder oil and gas discovery is in TAG's PEP 38748) to 1,410 meters, targeting a fault-bounded 3-D anomaly in the Mt. Messenger Formation. We drilled down-dip of Sidewinder-3 and encountered 19 meters of net oil-and-gas-charged sandstones, with no water column evident.

A 4-Point Isochronal test achieved stabilized flow rates of 6.98 million cubic feet per day (~1163 BOE per day) with a 25% drawdown. Another success for our tech team.

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Results in a 2-for-1 test on the Mt. Messenger and Moki Formations.

Posted by Kris Clark on Jun 6, 2011 12:06:00 AM

Drilled 3.5 km NW of the existing Mt. Messenger producing wells, our Cheal C1 test proves that Mt. Messenger’s oil saturated sandstone (~1600 m) extends further than was previously known. We encountered over 15 meters of net oil-and-gas bearing sandstones with good porosity and free oil.

Though Mt. Messenger was our primary objective, we deepened it with a wildcat well to a total depth of 2382 meters to test the down-dip edge of a large closure within the deeper Moki Formation (~2200 m). We encountered strong oil and gas shows within a 73-meter thick, high-quality section of porous and permeable sandstone. We’ll drill any future wells directly targeting this Moki Formation structure in an updip position, which could intersect substantially more of the hydrocarbon-charged Moki sandstones.

Mt. Messenger and Moki Formations test

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Strong flow test at Sidewinder 3 makes for more good news.

Posted by Kris Clark on Jun 2, 2011 12:09:00 AM

The test is done and the news is good: We drilled the Sidewinder-3 well (about 1 km south of Sidewinder 1) to a total depth of 2,160 meters and encountered 15.4 meters of net gas-bearing sandstones. We’ve drilled four wells so far, and the interpreted total hydrocarbon column at Sidewinder exceeds 60 meters in thickness, with no water column evident in any of the wells.

A 4-Point Isochronal test achieved a stabilized flow rate of 7.2 million cubic feet per day (1200 BOE per day) with less than a 50% drawdown, consistent with the Sidewinder-1 well flow test (stabilized flow rates of 8.5 million cubic feet of gas plus 44 barrels of oil per day from 14m of net pay).

We calculate the absolute open flow rate of Sidewinder 1 to be 30 million cubic feet of gas per day or 5000 BOE per day; we’ll complete a similar analysis on Sidewinder-3 once the down hole gauges are retrieved in a couple weeks.

Strong flow test at TAG Oil's Sidewinder 3 well

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