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Sidewinder Facility: updating TAG Oil’s gas-processing capacity

With the number of oil and gas wells TAG has online, waiting to come online, and yet to be drilled, we’ve been upgrading the infrastructure of our Cheal and Sidewinder oil and gas production facilities to ensure that we have the capacity to handle existing and future production.

Sidewinder’s compression unit has been installed and is now operational at full capacity with only two of four wells maintaining this capacity. These high deliverability reserves are being conservatively produced at approximately 8-10mmcf/d with the single compressor to ensure many years of profitable operations from the Sidewinder Production Facility. The Production Station has been purposely built in modules that will allow further expansion should drill results (we hope) warrant. 

TAG 004 sidewinder jun12
Sidewinder Production station entrance with beautiful Mt. Taranaki in the background.
TAG006 compressor jun12
Here’s the new compressor being fine-tuned. This is the unit that should increase field production to 8 to 10 million cubic feet of gas per day in the near future.
TAG 002 geymouth jun12
An interesting shot that shows our neighbor Greymouth Petroleum and the Tiger-1 drilling rig in the background; gives you a feel for how close they’re drilling to TAG‘s property.